Therapeutic Touch

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”  ~Plato

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Touch therapy is known as “somatic" therapy. At The WIHL we offer a type of therapy known as "Surrogate Partner Therapy" (SPT). All of our cases are overseen by Ananda Integrative Healing Group. AIHG revolutionized SPT for the new millennium; integrating other modalities of somatic therapy into the accepted model of SPT developed by Masters and Johnson.


Surrogate Partner Therapy starts at Level 1  and continues with Level 3. A counselor is brought in to consult with the client before, during, and after a SPT program. Sessions vary in length.

Intensive Program

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~Mark Twain

The WIHL is blessed to be located next to the “Jewel of the Sierras”; beautiful Lake Tahoe.


If you are considering utilizing our hands-on sex coaching services but live out of the area we offer custom intensive programs.


Let us help you plan a getaway to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. A peaceful retreat tailored to your unique needs.


If it more convenient for us to come to you a practitioner can schedule an intensive with a client at their location.


Intensive surrogate partner therapy programs consist of 3-4 hour long sessions over a period of consecutive days. The team therapist is consulted regularly throughout the program by client and practitioner.


Please plan on a 3-4 week window of correspondence before the intensive takes place. This time is used to plan the program, make contact with a therapist, and preliminary homework.


A life full of love and passion is right around the corner. Do something transformational for yourself!  Schedule your intensive package today!

Sexual Mastery Program

The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence

but in the mastery of his passions.

~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Do you dream of a higher level of emotional and physical intimacy in your relationships, but don’t know how to get there? We’ve created a cutting-edge program that will help you gain new sexual skills, deepen your ability to connect, be more present with your partner(s), and get more of what you want in your personal life.

Learn how to be a sexual and emotional master in a hands-on program that allows you to practice new skills, communicate effectively to get what you want (in the bedroom and in your everyday life), and learn to harness the flow of your sexual energy. We will help you to uncover your blocks and amp up the intensity of your connections.


Using a combination of modalities, including breathwork, mindfulness training, body awareness, cognitive retraining, energy healing, and sensate focus exercises, we will provide you with tools to transform your relationships and gain new sexual skills. Your sessions with our clinical therapist will help us gather the information necessary to create a program tailored to your needs, process your experiences, and provide feedback and closure at the conclusion of your program.


Through this program you will learn:

  • How to get out of your head and into your body

  • How to use your breath to connect more deeply to

       yourself and your partner

  • How to elevate and circulate your sexual energy for

       full-body orgasms

  • How to last as long as you want in bed

  • How to be fully present and bring more pleasure to

       yourself and your partner

The program consists of twelve hours with Rachael Rainey, plus a consultation, check-in, and concluding session with our therapist via our secure video platform).


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***Note: This program is not intended for people who are struggling with anxiety, trauma, sexual dysfunctions (such as ED, PE, orgasmic blocks, etc.). To address these issues, please contact us about our Surrogate Partner Therapy Programs.

*** "Sexual Mastery Program" is a proprietary program developed by Ananda Integrative Healing Group. Use of this program without express permission by AIHG is unauthorized.

Custom Programs

"Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open." ~James Broughton

The WIHL recognizes each individual as a unique person. Therefor our programs are custom designed to address each client's particular situation and challenges.

It isn't about FIXING people...

It IS about supporting people to love and appreciate themselves.

Helping them discover and open up to what sexually WORKS; regardless of what society tells us. We provide the tools and education to help clients overcome whatever inhibits them from having a fulfilling sex life. We provide surrogate partner therapy & hands-on or verbal sex and relationship coaching in a custom designed format to fit your  needs.

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