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Therapeutic Touch

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”  ~Plato

At The WIHL we offer a type of therapy known as "Surrogate Partner Therapy" (SPT).  Rachael was trained by Ananda Integrative Healing Group. AIHG revolutionized SPT for the new millennium; integrating other modalities of somatic therapy into the accepted model of SPT developed by Masters and Johnson. We have been practicing SPT, coaching and therapy since 2018 in Reno, NV at The WIHL.


Each program is customized to the clients needs. All clients start with sensate focus based touch therapy and move on from there if needed. SPT cases may include sessions with a mental health clinician. Clients may use their own mental health professional; or utilize the services from someone in our network.

Custom Intensive Program

We recognize that each client is a unique individual with their own experiences and challenges. That is why we tailor each program to you.  Your history, your timeline, your needs.

We follow a set of guidelines developed by Masters and Johnson; but updated for the 21st century. Then we customize it to fit each clients unique set of circumstances.

It isn't about FIXING people...

It IS about supporting people to love and appreciate themselves.

Helping them discover and open up to what sexually WORKS; regardless of what society tells us. We provide the tools and education to help clients overcome whatever inhibits them from having a fulfilling sex life. We provide surrogate partner therapy & hands-on or verbal sex and relationship coaching in a custom designed format to fit your  needs.

~What clients have said: Excerpts from testimonials~

"My experience with Rachael truly changed my life. I felt completely safe with Rachael. She was extremely giving and really cared about me and my issues. Rachael has my highest possible endorsement. She genuinely wants to help her clients."

"My wife and I spent thousands of dollars on five different marriage counselors, and even saw a licensed sex therapist. None of that really helped. A service like Rachael now provides might have saved our marriage, and saved us both a lot of emotional pain ." 

"I was so damaged, that I was unable to get any sort of pleasure myself from having sex.  I was not confident in my ability to approach a woman, even just to talk. I didn’t know that I craved intimate contact more than anything, just snuggling, just holding someone was even more important than having sex..."


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We are blessed to be located next to the “Jewel of the Sierras”; beautiful Lake Tahoe.


If you are considering utilizing our hands-on sex coaching services but live out of the area we offer custom intensive programs.


Let us help you plan a getaway to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. A peaceful retreat tailored to your unique needs.


If it more convenient for us to come to you we can schedule an intensive at your location.


Intensive surrogate partner therapy programs consist of 3-4 hour long sessions over a period of consecutive days. The team clinician is consulted regularly throughout the program by client and practitioner.


Please plan on a 3-4 week window of correspondence before the intensive takes place. This time is used to plan the program, make contact with a clinician, and preliminary homework.


A life full of love and passion is right around the corner. Do something transformational for yourself!  Schedule your intensive package today!

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