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Surrogate Partner Therapy for Men

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.

~Marcus Aurelius

Men will attack their sexual challenges head on with the tools they acquire from The WIHL's hands-on sex coaching, surrogate partner therapy, or sex and relationship coaching.

Confidence will be restored!

You won't just get tools for success...

You will get the WHOLE TOOLBOX!

~Are you a man with strong values?

~A sense of duty to your family, to your community?

~Are you the one people turn to for help and advice?
~Who do you turn to when you need guidance?


It isn’t easy to talk about this stuff with your doctor, your wife, or your buddies. Asking for help doesn’t render you powerless; improving yourself takes strength and wisdom. Compassionate, non-judgmental, non-threatening, ethically sound help is available NOW!.

Men suffering from injuries and PTSD sustained in the line of duty find enormous relief and comfort through our touch therapy sessions.

Men going through the trauma of divorce or the death of their spouse find the care and support that they are craving.

Men who have tried pills, pumps, and gadgets to treat their sexual dysfunctions to no avail can heal themselves with the tools learned in our unique program.


Yes! There is hope!


Let’s face it, the world around us has changed.


Relationships have changed. Society tells us that we are supposed to magically know how to be a fantastic lover. Sex is shamed in our culture; talking about it or giving instruction is taboo. Therefore there are very few good ways to learn how to have satisfying sex.  The truth is that people need to be taught how to have great sex.

The best way to learn about sex is to get feedback from an experienced, non-judgmental person who understands the physiology and the psychology of sex. A few men are lucky enough to have a partner teach them. But, unfortunately, most people don’t give helpful feedback, so many men end up not knowing what makes for amazing sex.

     We at The WIHL are your allies.

Your partners in a world that has turned against men and their natural instincts. Our touch therapy programs are created to provide you with the skills and confidence to sculpt your best sex life ever.

We help you redefine your existing sexual relationships and learn the skills to become a confident lover. You will receive personalized plans on how to reboot your love life. When it comes to your love life, don’t neglect yourself. Fulfilling sex is not out of reach.

You. You are strong, you have your act together, you’re the person people turn to when they need help. When you need help, reach out to us at The WIHL.

We empower men to take control of their love lives.

We give men the tools to build their ideal sexual reality.



~What clients have said: Excerpts from testimonials~

"My experience with Rachael truly changed my life. I felt completely safe with Rachael. She was extremely giving and really cared about me and my issues. Rachael has my highest possible endorsement. She genuinely wants to help her clients."

"My wife and I spent thousands of dollars on five different marriage counselors, and even saw a licensed sex therapist. None of that really helped. A service like Rachael now provides might have saved our marriage, and saved us both a lot of emotional pain ." 

"I was so damaged, that I was unable to get any sort of pleasure myself from having sex.  I was not confident in my ability to approach a woman, even just to talk. I didn’t know that I craved intimate contact more than anything, just snuggling, just holding someone was even more important than having sex..."


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