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Sexual Surrogate Therapy Testimonials

"My experience with Rachael truly changed my life. Through her exercises and techniques, she restored my confidence and has enabled me to establish a fulfilling relationship with a woman who has become very important to me. I felt completely safe with Rachael. She was extremely giving and really cared about me and my issues. Rachael has my highest possible endorsement. She genuinely wants to help her clients."

~D.F 2022

"I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. You were amazing! You helped me move forward more in two days sexually/girl wise than anything I have done, tried, or experienced in the last 30 and a half years. I literally had my very first orgasm with you! Getting me to start reconnecting the pleasure loop that has been disconnected along the way was definitely helping. You did see enough of my self though, and you gave me compliments and saw good things for my future which I very much appreciate. You are definitely an inspiring person with how you set your goals and achieve them and live your life as an adventure that is as pleasurable as it can be all the way around and live it the way you want. I’m glad you took interest in my various life goals and encouraged me to go after them even more because you could see that they are all achievable for me. 

J.F. 2019

     "I had been married over 20 years, the last 4 of which I had almost no intimate contact with my wife.  She is a breast cancer survivor. For her, (and as I later learned many other survivors), not all of who she was “survived” the cancer.  Her libido and desire for intimacy were lost, ultimately leading to the destruction of our marriage... I was, as I think many men do, confusing sex and intimacy.  I, personally, didn’t realize how much the 4 years of continually battling over sex with my wife had damaged us both, emotionally... I had been faithful to my wife throughout our marriage...  I was lucky because Rachael is the consummate professional in all that she does. This is a woman who is highly educated and incredibly intelligent. She had an extremely successful career as a chef, running her own business.  Maybe it was her innate sense of compassion as well, but, her professionalism mandated that she try to help. It’s taken some time, and more than a bit of trial and error, for that help to finally start being effective. Through her, I’ve learned the difference between sex and intimacy, between what I thought I needed, and what I truly did need.       Ok, so, “what specifically has she done for you?”, is a question you might be thinking at this point. Fair enough. I’m an engineer, and deal in specifics, things that are well defined, measurable. If you’re contemplating using Rachael’s services, I’ll have to preface my next comments by stating that, unlike the well specified, “logical” problems I deal with professionally, trying to “fix” what’s not working in the bedroom, as an individual or a couple, requires an intuitive sense, an ability to develop an insight into a person’s emotions, their fears, their pain.  It requires an ability to be empathetic, to gently touch another person in just the right way, to soothe, to calm, to heal. In my experience, very few people have this combination of abilities. Rachael is one of those very few. This is not something that can be completely defined at the outset. For me, it has been a journey of personal discovery, one that I’m still on. Rachael has been part therapist, part co-explorer, part “guru”. We set goals together, made plans as to directions we both thought I needed to go in order to heal, and made some interesting (and necessary) detours along the way.  I’ve had to learn to shut my analytical “engineering” brain off sometimes, and just trust her, to “go with it...”.

     Ok, still no specifics you’re saying! Here they are: My goal was/is to be able to move on with my life after a divorce. To be confident and more self-assured. To be able to have a loving, intimate and sexual relationship with another woman. In short, to be able to enjoy my life again. I was not able to do any of these when we first met. I was so damaged, that I was unable to get any sort of pleasure myself from having sex. I was not confident in my ability to approach a woman, even just to talk.  I didn’t know that I craved intimate contact more than anything, just snuggling, just holding someone was even more important than having sex. Many of the times I’ve been together with Rachael didn’t involve any sexual contact at all. Looking back, those were some of the most pleasurable. Don’t misunderstand, she’s very good at doing just the right thing, at just the right time, to help maximize mutual pleasure. She’s also a very good (and patient) teacher of specific techniques that every man and woman should know, but probably don’t because we simply don’t want to talk about it. I can certainly see her providing invaluable guidance to a couple in trouble, possibly saving a marriage that would otherwise fail.  

      My wife and I spent thousands of dollars on five different marriage counselors, and even saw a licensed sex therapist. None of that really helped. A service like Rachael now provides might have saved our marriage, and saved us both a lot of emotional pain. Rachael has helped me become a more confident person, and, I’d like to think a better man, through her patient, “baby steps”, guidance. Although I will always consider her a good friend, and will be eternally grateful for her help, as with any good teacher, our mutual goal is for me to no longer need her direct help. She’s provided me with a set of skills, mental and physical tools, with which I hope to be able stand on my own two feet again, to begin to walk, and, hopefully, some day run. She is transforming me into something I never was, even during the good years with my wife, a confident man, with the ability to have a healthy, intimate and sexual relationship with a woman. If that’s lacking in your life, as an individual or a couple, then you know just how important and valuable that ability truly is!"

B.U. 2018

     "Rachael Rainey will have a positive effect on your life and it change forever!!!

I was. I lusted for women, I never loved or cared for them.

At 39 years old, I had never kissed or held hands with a women.  I have never been in a committed relationship. I didn’t date in high school.   My friends called me out for not having any moves. My family, especially my dad thinks I’m gay because no one has ever seen me with a women or on a date. My longest relationship was only a few weeks in college, and nothing happened between us.  My experience with women and sex was very limited. I was extremely nervous; I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t control my erection or orgasm. I didn’t know where to put it.

     I grew up in a small rural town on the Northern Nevada/Southern Idaho border. I don’t remember anything from the sex education I received in middle/high school, so it probably wasn’t very good. I was raised Catholic and had to deal with guilt, just for thinking of sex, masturbation, or arousal.

I had my brother and sister close me and my mom and dad, but I wanted an intimate relationship.  I was tired of being lonely. I wanted a girlfriend, a committed relationship. I wanted to go on romantic getaways.  I wanted someone special to kiss as the New Year ring in.

     I asked my primary doctor for help.  She was very helpful. She diagnosed me with hypogonadism, and start me on hormone replacement therapy.  This explained my low drive at work and in life. The lack of confidence and low libido, the malaise. Overnight, my view of the world and life changed.  I loved the new me! I knew, I couldn’t waste this opportunity. I needed someone who could help me. I first connected with a sex therapist, but it didn’t meet my needs.  I found out about SPT. Immediately, I knew this was for me. It took time, but I finally found Rachael and she has made me a better person, a better man, a lover.

     Rachael, thank you!  You gave me the skills, strength and courage to step into life and live." 

    "I am. I love. I want love.  I seek love. Love motivates me.  Working with Rachael, l have become self-aware. She has helped me to take an honest look at myself.  I’m not broken, twisted, or wrong. I am perfect the way I am. I seek honest and meaningful adventures and experiences in my life.  I view women as partners, they intrigue me.  I’m looking for my life long partner who I can share my values, experiences, and life.  I have channeled my energy to be assertive and calm at the same time.  I’m able to process discomfort because of my mental health, due to RR’s knowledge and expertise of healing.  "

    "I can communication my likes and I can show my partner new techniques.  I have always considered myself a lifelong learner of academics, now I view myself as a listener and learner, a student of life.  I view life as love-based. " 

L.A. 2018

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