This program is exclusive to Ananda Integrative Healing Group. If you are interested in this program we will be working in partnership with AIHG by using their program and protocols.

Our couples programs are based on practical experience, backed by clinical support with a licensed therapist. These programs draw from our surrogate partner therapy protocol, and are specially tailored for couples.


We have 3 different programs to choose from:

  • The full couples journey, where both partners participate in the entire program from beginning to end, including couples therapy and practice & experiential learning.

  • The solo hero’s journey, where one partner takes on the task of transforming in service of the relationship.

  • The combined journey, where each member of the couple decides in what capacity, and to what extent, they want to participate as they go along.


For the greatest success & progress, we highly recommend that both partners participate in the program, as the program is inherently a bonding experience. The more each partner participates, the more the couple will grow; greater participation yields greater results for the couple.

The core of our program is experiential learning, and also includes sex education and re-education, and deprogramming of unhelpful social & cultural messaging. 


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As a result of this program:

  • You’ll desire each other again, or for the first time


  • You’ll trust each other again, or for the first time


  • You'll know how to get more deeply into your body


  • You’ll know better how to please each other


  • You’ll know how to communicate your desires and fantasies


  • You’ll feel safe with your partner again, or for the first time


  • You’ll enjoy sex again, or for the first time 


  • You’ll be able to have orgasms with and without each other


  • You’ll feel more free from sexual shame


  • You’ll feel more sexually confident & competent


  • You’ll increase your Sex IQ