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About Rachael Carey - Surrogate Partner

Rachael Carey 2023

Rachael Carey

At a young age I received the calling to be a sexual healer. This path truly is a thrilling journey for those who are called. This is what happened to me...

Somewhere between the age of 9 and 12 I started becoming very curious about sex and sexuality. I studied "The Joy of Sex", which I found in my parents' office.  I spent hours in the public library reading everything I could about the subject. As I got older I snuck into the back of the video stores, where they kept the adult videos and magazines.  I was able to purchase copies of Penthouse Stories, where I learned even more about sex-from a different perspective. About this time is when I started writing "how - to" instructions to girls at school. How to masturbate, how to have an orgasm, how to perform certain favors on their boyfriends. I thought it was a normal thing to do. Later I realized that I was practicing my calling.

Fast forward 20 years. 

I'm working as a courtesan. My client told me that I should consider becoming a surrogate partner. I had never heard of it. So I researched, reached out, and made connections. I flew to Philadelphia. Here I was trained by one of the best Surrogate Partner Therapists still practicing today; Nicole Ananda with AIHG.

She took me under her wing. She taught me the business of somatic sex therapy, best practices, ethics.  I'm so blessed to have had this mentor-ship. I have built my business on the solid foundation that Nicole lovingly gave to me. 

When it comes to choosing a Surrogate Partner or sex coach, people can be completely overwelmed. Here is what I offer:

  • Clinical Triadic Model with a certified therapist

  • Ongoing training in Ethics and Best Practices

  • Decades of research and practical experience

  • Unconditional love

  • Judgement-free environment

  • Professional healing space


Clients at The WIHL can expect inclusion and acceptance. They can also expect to have their own boundaries respected. This practice is focused on somatic healing. Touch will be used with love respectfully and consensually. We will focus on uncovering the wounds we received in life; the ones we buried and the ones we show others. We will delve into our shadow side. This is a safe place to work on healing our Sexual Self.

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