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Contact a Surrogate Partner

(Please note that not all services are available to all clients due to The WIHL’s standard for high quality, ethical care. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the healing work that is done at the practice,we take clinical evaluations from consulting therapists into consideration when making recommendations for services. Each client is unique in their experiences. As such, individualized programs are created to help each client achieve their goals, and find healing in their lives.)



     Rachael has a wealth of experience with human sexuality through her many

years of work as a Legal Courtesan in Nevada. She received training and certification in Surrogate Partner Therapy from Nicole Ananda with Ananda Integrative Healing Group. She is fascinated by sexual healing and psychology and has been drawn to this type of work since childhood. She has honed her ability to connect deeply with people in a very short amount of time. Unconditional love, ethical compassion, and acceptance are the bedrock of her business.


    Rachael works with each client on a deeply intimate, compassionate level. She has learned long ago that the key to helping people is acceptance and patience. A life full of adventure, big dreams, and hard work has given Rachael many enriching experiences. She is now devoting her career to healing men and women through sexuality as a Surrogate Partner Therapist, Sex and Intimacy Coach, Sexuality Educator, and Founder of The WIHL

    Rachael lives in beautiful Reno, NV with her Husband and sons. She enjoys sewing, reading, and hiking during down-time.

Connect to Rachael on LinkedIn.

Thank you for your interest in finding a deeper level of connection. We will get back to as soon as possible!

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