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Respect in Relationships

Today I’d like to talk about an important component of love; and how we can practice this concept to achieve closer relationships.

I’m going to talk about is “Respect”.

Respect we all want it, how do we get it?

By giving...when we give due respect we will notice that we receive respect in kind.

If we approach our relationships with mutual respect the trial and error involved in showing love will be much more effective.

That’s sounds great right? But what does “respect” even mean?

Respect means…”To have esteem for the worth of a person; regard or consideration for someone, to refrain from interfering with a person’s rights as a human.

Ok so how do we apply this definition to our daily lives?

I’m going to give you a few examples.

In face to face interactions with those we love, we respect that person by...

Allowing them to finish their own sentences.

By praising their ideas and efforts.

By NOT always having to be right.

And by listening to their ideas and accepting them as valid, even if you don’t agree.

For example, you partner tell you that she wants to start taking ukulele lessons. Maybe your first instinct is to dismiss this newfound passion as silly, but if you are showing respect for your partner you will listen her motives and desires, may learn something about her you didn’t know. By supporting her to try new things without naysaying you are showing respect.

Face to Face is one thing but what about when we are not in the presence of our loved one?

If we talk about our partner to others critically we are disrespecting them. Furthermore, our feelings follow our thoughts and if we speak negatively to others about our partner, inevitably we will start to have negative feelings about them.

So if talking about our partner behind her back is disrespect how to we flip it around to show respect?

Try this little exercise.

Next time you are about to say something negative about your partner,

”ah he never takes out the trash!! And he’s always working, we never see each other”...

Stop. Think.

What is the opposite of this negative thought?

Say that instead.

“ He always does a great job fixing stuff around the house and is such a wonderful provider for our family”

Replace the disrespect with respect. It works twofold. Inside of us we will create a place that honors our partner, and our audience will now have some respect for our partner as well. That will end up coming back to him and will help grow your relationship towards a more respectful union.

If you would like any more tips or ideas on bringing more respect into your relationships please reach out to me for a free consultation!

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