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Women, Reclaim Your Power

As women our sexuality is shaped by traumatic events in our lives, the media, and by what other people think. We aren’t brought up to OWN our sexuality; we inherit the cultural ideas surrounding sex and learn to adapt to them. Messages about what our sexual identity SHOULD look like often conflict with what we feel is our own truth. A woman’s sexuality is part of her power, and from a young age those who have or desire power over us attempt to control this power so that we can not claim it.

Unfortunately horrific events from our early years such as abuse, rape, abortion, & assault mold our perception of sensual connection. The pure and simple acts of creation and intimacy become tainted by these events. They leave marks on our psyche that are not erased by time. We may learn to accept and understand the dynamics around these events, but our bodies aren’t healed by rationalization and excuses.

To add insult to injury we often feel unsatisfied when we share our stories with our partners. When we look to our closest confidants for understanding we are left disappointed by their helplessness. In a heterosexual relationship men identify as the ones who fix things. But they are powerless at changing our traumatic past.

When the touch of a lover makes us scream inside and we don’t know why. When a look of desire makes us furious and violent. When pleasure is an act that we play to seem normal and keep relationships running smoothly. When we are so ashamed of our own bodies that a loving relationship is a fantasy. Talking about it isn’t enough. It’s time to take action. It’s time to change from within our bodies, not just our minds.

We can help you. The WIHL has a custom touch therapy program just for women. When you decide you want to replace pain with love, fear with joy, and isolation with connection, we are here for you. Text me today at 775-413-0504, to take the first step at claiming your power.

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