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Show Your Hunny Bunny Some Easter Love

Easter reminds us of the greatest gift of all: Love. It is what makes our life worthwhile. Love is what makes Easter truly meaningful. Without love, Easter would not be celebrated.. We should let love reign and guide our relationships. Rekindle the loving feeling if you think the love is fading. It’s never too late to express how much you love your better half or family.

There is a special man in my life, and you know what? I’m gonna hide some Easter eggs for him. I’m not talking about the digital ones you find in Minecraft. I’m talking about real-life thoughtful surprises. Why should the kids have all the fun? For this special guy I’m thinking his favorite imported beer, wrapped in an Easter bow, hidden around our house and yard. I’ll probably throw a few Cadbury eggs in too, he loves those things.

For the ladies how about plastic eggs filled with little silky lacey things? Or some sparkly accessories. Maybe her Easter basket could be an Easter…purse. Or maybe you can take the lead on Easter dinner this year and hide little clues about her surprise night off from entertaining the family. Just let your imagination run wild.

We forget sometimes that our mates love us, we get stuck in the day to day. This can lead us to forget that we LOVE our mates. Show your lover that you think about him or her with a thoughtful Easter egg hunt. It could lead to some rabbit fun. _wink.

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