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Pranking Your Partner With Love

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

April Fool’s day is right around the corner. This is a great opportunity to liven up your love life. In the spirit of April Fools day I suggest playing a joke on your partner as a way to spark intimacy. Watch the video of this blog here.

Relationships are often mired in serious day to day minutiae. This can lead to our connection becoming stale. Incorporating jokes and playfulness is a wonderful way to show that you think about your mate. IF you do it in a loving way. Check out these videos from Reubekah Vids….

The great thing about this couple team of pranksters is that they take turns playing harmless jokes on each other. They don’t cross the line into mean and nasty. They know when to reveal the joke. By not letting the joke get too carried away, they easily reconcile over shared laughs.

This video from Psych Ward shows what it looks like to cross the line. The wife is obviously not laughing, not enjoying the humor. The husband keeps the joke going for too long, pissing off his mate in the process. If I had to make a guess I would say that she probably didn’t appreciate this prank and held some resentment towards him for doing it.

The key here is to be funny, not abusive. Bored Panda .com has some great, easy, funny pranks to pull that will illicit laughs, not resentment. There has to be an “out” or a “reveal”. The prank can't go on too long. Shock effect is great for this, as the reveal is almost instant.

Remember, you are partners, you are trying to bring joy and laughter at the the other’s expense. You are not trying to make an excuse to have them mad at you. Taking the time to plan a prank to make your mate laugh shows that you understand him. Investing time in her mirth accentuates your playful side.

Happy pranking my friends!

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