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Nude Day is July 14th!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Hi friends! National Nude Day is June 14th!

In the spirit of nudity I want to invite y’all to love yourself and your body as much as you possibly can; no matter how you may feel about your body! As it turns out, baring all isn’t just liberating—it actually has some health benefits. Here are five reasons to strip down to your birthday suit more often...

Better sleep

Sleeping nude lowers your body temp which can reduce fitfulness and waking up too early.

Clearer skin

At night, you can let your skin breathe, which will also support its natural ability to detox.

Underwear creates a moist breeding ground for bacteria and sweat. This can aggravate skin conditions.

Better body image

Allowing yourself to spend time naked lets you get in touch with your body from the inside out. Studies suggest that nudity reduces shame and increases self-acceptance.

Better bonding with your partner

Skin-to-skin contact for adults also helps decrease stress levels and signals the body to release of oxytocin.

Increased fertility

Studies have shown that men who sleep naked and wear loose boxers or go commando experience 25 percent less DNA fragmentation than those who kept wear tight underwear.

That’s all well and good. But, the truth is that for many of us, being naked is a huge problem…

So how do we become "OK" with what God gave us?

Practice, nurture and accept.

Get naked more often.

Take a nap naked, read a book in the nude, go to a clothing optional spa.

Do something, anything that'll help you get over the discomfort of being just in your own skin. Internalize the fact that we are all flawed, no one is perfect. Honor your body with ritual and sensuality.

In all of us, somewhere, is the joy of being in touch with our most essential and primitive self.

One of my friends put it rather poetically when he said that our body is our spaceship. From the day we are born until the day we die it protects us from the elements and is the vessel for our souls as it literally races across the galaxy. It is our time capsule. It stores our memories of joy and pain. Treat your earthly vehicle like a temple, honor your flesh and blood for the holy perfection you are!

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