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Master Your Mojo

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Do you dream of being an exquisite lover? A master of your Mojo?

Do you want to tune up your existing skills? Would you like to introduce some new moves that will surprise and delight? Do you want to make daring and bold suggestions? Do you have secret desires that may be shocking to your partner?

After months of over-indulging and lazy weekends watching football; winter is finally on its way out. Springtime naturally fuels our lust and sex drives into a self-propelled overhaul. Now is the time to amp up your sex life. But how do we initiate exciting new changes in our existing relationships? How do we turn on the animal magnetism that is latent within, waiting to sprout and flower? How do we instill the self-confidence necessary to attract our ideal partner?

Our primal instincts are transitioning from hibernation to procreation, and our human emotions are feeling the brunt of this force.

Now is the time to reinvent your sex life. Touch is the vehicle for the transformation. Processing these desires with a psychotherapist and getting hands on practice with a somatic therapy practitioner is how we at the WIHL help you Master your MOJO! Reach out to me for more info on our custom sexual mastery SPT program today!

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